Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

A tourist at home...

…after my fabulous time in London, I made my way to Berlin – my ‚old’ city.

6 years ago, I lived in Berlin for 5 years and loved the city and it is always great to come back to visit friends and see how the city has changed.

This time I put on my ‘tourist glasses’ and walked from ‘Potsdamer Platz’ to the ‘Jewish monument’, further to the ‘Reichstag’ and ‘Brandenburger Tor’ and then along the street ‘Unter den Linden’ to the ‘Cathedral’ and reached finally the 'Alexanderplatz' with the ‘Fernsehturm’ (TV tower) in its centre.

Me in front of a piece of the Berlin wall.

The Jewish monument.

Reichstag Berlin.

Brandenburger Tor

Cathedral and TV tower (in the back)

Graffiti art in a backyard in Berlin.

Squat in Berlin Friedrichshain
It’s a beautiful walk, it takes about 2 hours depending on how many times you stop for an ice-cream or coffee break or just to rest your feet. You come along many museums and the above mentioned sights, so it is really a walk worth walking :)

After 5 days in Berlin I was ready to surprise my family back home in: Kölleda.

Of course every one of you has heard of my hometown Kölleda, close to Sömmerda, Weimar and Erfurt – people who have not…ts, ts…have really missed out on something.

Kölleda , also called: the ‘City of peppermint’, is a town worth visiting when you are in Thüringen or better ‘The heart of Germany’ :)

You find the ‘Red town hall’ (like in Berlin) in the city centre and right beside it is the world famous ‘Wippertusbrunnen’. Kölleda is surrounded my cornfields and at the moment everything is growing and blooming, it’s just really beautiful.

cornfields of Kölleda

poppy season

Wippertusbrunnen in the background

The red townhall
The best thing ever was to see my family again after 7 months of travelling and their surprised faces when I showed up. 

Who's that girl? (me and my niece Tessa)

A pleasant surprise.
vacation feeling in Mum's garden

Doris and I.

Justin and Tessa - happy to see their aunt again.

Having fun - the 3 Tettenborns.
It has been great spending a week back home but now it’s time to hit the road again and my next destination is: France.

I will be making my way down to Lyon within the next 2 days with ‘car sharing’ and then try some more couchsurfing.

In the next 2 weeks I will be walking the ‘Camino de Santiago’ through the Midi-Pyrenees in the heart of the South of France and after that I will be working in a castle as a Woofer and enjoy the lavender fields in Provence.

I will keep you posted on how it all goes and wish you all a happy summer.
À bientôt, Eylin

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  1. Wie immer ist es ein Genuss, deine Beiträge zu lesen. Ganz besonders, wenn es um Berlin und Kölleda geht ;-) ... Beste Grüße, Kersten