Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Gokarna or Cow’s Ear

After Hampi, I’ve been travelling to Gokarna – Sun worshippers and Hindu pilgrims rub shoulders in the low-key village of Gokarna (Cow’s Ear), 50km south of Karwar. The quaint village is a holy place.

Gokarna's Ghats
I found a beautiful little hut on the beach with palm trees and a hammock in front of the hut – heaven!

in front of my hut
Gokarna is paradise, more quite and peaceful than Goa, you can easily get stuck there.

women power
I’ve been doing long walks to different beaches and enjoyed seeing the Indian’s enjoying their Sunday swim.

I love this pic – the group of Indian men in the background look like as they are from another time.

After my yoga training in December finally I am able to do the Scorpio but I will continue to improve and will post another picture in a couple of weeks.

 After 2 months I am leaving India with one crying and one smiling eye. I am off to Thailand...

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