Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011


I just came back from my 10 day silent meditation retreat and haven’t had time or a chance to write more about my adventures but let me start with a few pictures, requested by a few of you on how I look like now … many of you wanted to see more pics of me with ‘very’ short hair – so here you go:

I know you all knew me like this (6 weeks ago):

And then I looked like that (4 weeks ago):

And now I look like this:

clothes swoping in the meditation retreat, Chantelle from Canada got my T-Shirt and I got her leggings and all that in total silence (she wrote me a note that she keeps fantasising about my clothes and since we learned a lot about not being attached to 'things' I immediately started practicing :))

me in Bangkok

Suan Mokkh meditation retreat centre

Bangkok in a little, cute cafe.
As you can see, my hair grows back but I have to thank all of you for the really nice feedback I received – I wonder if there is anything I can shock you with, it definitely wasn’t the shaved head :)

I will be writing about my meditation experience shortly – there is so much I want to share with you, stay tuned – I am off to Bali now.

Hugs and kisses, your Elf (-in)

PS: Brandon and Melissa, since I shaved my head someone else told me that I look like an Elf – again...not that I haven’t heard that before, right? So I guess you were right all along :)

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